Proposals for Code of Conduct

A responsible journalist of PRA:

A responsible journalist knows that her/his stories matter

While reporting on Parliament House:

  • He/she respects the dignity and right of every every member or official in every circumstance
  • He/she obtains consent through written or verbal permission for all interviews, video or documentary photographs.
  • He/she uses fair, open and straightforward methods for obtaining video/photographs and always with the knowledge and consent of member/official.
  • He/she guards against identifying visually or otherwise, unless it is in the public interest
  • He/she considers carefully the consequences of publication or broadcast of any material.
  • While reporting in standing committees, videos, Images should be taken with the permission of chair.
  • Question is the basic key of news, while question the official in Parliament House Sessions/ Committee or in lobbies ask question in a good manner.
  • Mobile videos should be record in general not person specific, after informing the concern person videos can be record in Parliament House.  
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