What is PRA-Pakistan:

The Parliamentary Reporters Association of Pakistan is an organization comprising journalists and reporters who cover parliamentary proceedings in Pakistan. It serves as a platform for journalists to discuss issues related to parliamentary reporting, share insights, and advocate for the interests of reporters covering political events in the country.

The role of media is important in maintaining close liaison between the public and the parliament.

Parliamentary Reporters Association of Pakistan ensures sanctity and respect of the parliamentary institutions.

As Parliament is representative of masses and maintaining supremacy of Parliament is collective responsibility of all stakeholders. Role of Parliamentary Reporters is vital to maintain close liaison between public and parliament. Parliament Reporters Association of Pakistan (PRAP) is a representative body of all reporters who is responsible for apprising the masses about parliamentary activities and proceedings. PRAP struggling with the support of memebers for supremacy of the constitution and the parliament. The role of media is to boost the democratic values in the country are the main area.

Role of media in Parliamentary Affairs:

The media plays a crucial role in parliamentary reporting by serving as a bridge between the legislative process and the public. It facilitates transparency, accountability, and public awareness of government actions. Through coverage of debates, legislation, and committee activities, the media helps citizens stay informed about political developments, fostering a more engaged and informed electorate.

Additionally, media scrutiny can hold lawmakers accountable for their decisions and actions, contributing to a healthy democratic system.

Responsibility in press gallery:

The press gallery in parliamentary reporting carries the responsibility of providing accurate, timely, and unbiased information to the public. Journalists in the press gallery serve as watchdogs, holding elected officials accountable by reporting on parliamentary proceedings, debates, and legislative decisions. Their role involves interpreting complex political issues and presenting them in a way that is accessible to the public. Upholding journalistic ethics, such as objectivity and fairness, is paramount to ensure that the information disseminated is reliable and free from undue influence. Overall, the press gallery plays a crucial role in promoting transparency, informing the public, and contributing to the functioning of a healthy democratic system.

Role of Media in democracy:

The media plays a vital role in democracy by serving as a watchdog, providing information, fostering public debate, and holding those in power accountable. It acts as a bridge between the government and the public, facilitating transparency and ensuring citizens are informed about political developments. Through investigative journalism, the media can uncover corruption or abuse of power, contributing to a system of checks and balances. Additionally, diverse media outlets offer varying perspectives, enriching public discourse and promoting a well-informed electorate. Overall, free and responsible media is essential for the functioning and preservation of democracy.

Reporters Association in Parliament House:

In many parliamentary systems, there are reporters’ associations or press galleries based in parliamentary houses. These associations consist of journalists and reporters who cover parliamentary proceedings. They are typically accredited to report on activities within the parliament, including debates, committee sessions, and legislative developments.


The reporters’ associations in parliament serve as a platform for journalists to coordinate coverage, share information, and address common concerns. They often liaise with parliamentary authorities to ensure smooth access for journalists and uphold press freedom principles. These associations play a crucial role in advocating for journalists’ rights, maintaining ethical standards, and fostering communication between the media and parliamentary institutions.

Parliamentary Reporters Association of Pakistan is leading role in parliamentary affairs.

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